Lydia (Karun) Treasures

Lydia (Karun) Treasures


Lydia (Karun) TreasuresLydia (Karun) Treasures
These consist of the pieces smuggled to the US Metropolitan Art Museum by smugglers who dug the Toptepe Timulus near the Gure-Uşak province in 1965, the İkiztepe Tumulus in 1966 and the Aktepe I Tumulus in 1968. These pieces of work are the best examples of the 6th century B.C. Lydian art. After a long period of legal negotiations carried out by the Ministry of Culture these were given back to Turkey in 1993. (Museum of Uşak)

Photo: Lydia “Karun” Treasure Necklace in the shape of disk of sun
Agate – Gold, 6th century B.C. (Museum of Uşak)

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