Lydia (Karun) Treasures


Lydia (Karun) TreasuresLydia (Karun) Treasures
These consist of the pieces smuggled to the US Metropolitan Art Museum by smugglers who dug the Toptepe Timulus near the Gure-Uşak province in 1965, the İkiztepe Tumulus in 1966 and the Aktepe I Tumulus in 1968. These pieces of work are the best examples of the 6th century B.C. Lydian art. After a long period of legal negotiations carried out by the Ministry of Culture these were given back to Turkey in 1993. (Museum of Uşak)

Photo: Lydia “Karun” Treasure Necklace in the shape of disk of sun
Agate – Gold, 6th century B.C. (Museum of Uşak)


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